NOVACEL.100 (Loose Cellulose Fibre)

For stone mastic asphalt to be introduced in Malaysia, the main problem is the compatibility of the premix plant with the technology. SMA is currently produced worldwide by using the pelletized cellulose fibre from the German (VIATOP). This fibre has to be mixed in the batch premix plant. There were only several quarry has this specialized premix plant. Majority are still using drum premix plant. To cope with this compatibility issue, we have come out with the loose cellulose fibre. The bitumen supplier (ESSO, etc) will mix this fibre with the bitumen. The bitumen will then can be mixed at the drum premix plant to produce SMA. Thus by using this loose cellulose fibre, all premix plant can produce SMA and there will be no issues of incompatibilities.

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