Laboratory Services

NOVAPAVE operates materials laboratories in Malaysia. The laboratories carry out a wide range of construction materials testing and monitoring covering;

• Soils
• Aggregates
• Asphalt
• Bituminous binders
• Concrete
• Site and construction testing
• Research and development
• Water quality
• Dust & noise emission monitoring

Individual laboratories offer specialised services and are considered to be “centres of excellence”. Specialist services include;

Aggregates & Soils
• Polished stone value testing
• Repeat load triaxial testing
• Micro Deval testing

• APRG 18 Asphalt testing
- MATTA testing
- Slab compaction & Fatigue testing
- Wheel tracking tester

Bituminous Binders
• Dynamic shear rheology
• Bending beam rheology
• Emulsion particle size analysis
• Slurry design and testing

Site & Construction Testing
• Grip Tester – skid resistance testing
• Traffic counting

Please contact us to obtain information on the testing services available.

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