NOVAPAVE Stone Mastic Asphalt (NOVAMASTIC)

NOVAMASTIC has a high coarse aggregate content that interlocks to form a stone skeleton that resists permanent deformation. The stone skeleton is filled with a mastic of bitumen and filler to which fibres are added to provide adequate stability of bitumen and to prevent drainage of binder during transport and placement. Typical NOVAMASTIC composition consists of 70−80% coarse aggregate, 8−12% filler, 6.0−7.0% binder, and 0.3 per cent fibre. The deformation resistant capacity of NOVAMASTIC stems from a coarse stone skeleton providing more stone-on-stone contact than with conventional dense graded asphalt (DGA) mixes.

Improved binder durability is a result of higher bitumen content, a thicker bitumen film, and lower air voids content. This high bitumen content also improves flexibility. Addition of a small quantity of cellulose or mineral fibre prevents drainage of bitumen during transport and placement. There are no precise design guidelines for SMA mixes. The essential features, which are the coarse aggregate skeleton and mastic composition, and the consequent surface texture and mixture stability, are largely determined by the selection of aggregate grading and the type and proportion of filler and binder.

It is characterized by a “stone on stone” structure. NOVAMASTIC uses a high proportion of larger stones or aggregate that contacts each other. This skeleton of larger stones resists heavy loads by transmitting them to the pavement below. If the underlaying pavement is sufficiently strong then the NOVAMASTIC will resist the heavier loads effectively. (A surfacing cannot compensate for a weak pavement).The bituminous mastic is intended to hold the aggregate in place and to inhibit the ingress of moisture into the pavement and to provide durability. The mastic consists of bitumen and fine aggregate particles; it may also include a polymer modified bitumen and filler material to increase the mastic’s strength.

NOVACEL is added to stabilize the bitumen and to prevent the binder segregating from the aggregate during transport and placement. It is important that the aggregate material consist of only the larger stones (in the structure) and fines to provide effective mastic. The intermediate size aggregates are not included, as these keep the larger aggregate apart and reduce the strength of the NOVAMASTIC. The advantages of using NOVAMASTIC are:

  • NOVAMASTIC provides a textured, durable, and rut resistant wearing course.
  • The surface texture characteristics of NOVAMASTIC are similar to Open graded asphalt (OGA) so that the noise generated by traffic is lower than that on DGA but equal to or slightly higher than OGA.
  • NOVAMASTIC can be produced and compacted with the same plant and equipment available for normal hot mix, using the above procedure modifications.
  • NOVAMASTIC may be used at intersections and other high traffic stress situations where OGA is unsuitable.
  • NOVAMASTIC surfacings may provide reduced reflection cracking from underlying cracked pavements due to the flexible mastic.
  • The durability of NOVAMASTIC should be equal, or greater than, DGA and significantly greater than OGA.

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