The company believes that there is always a better way of doing things. That innovative spirit is a vital part of company’s identity, a vital part of way of conducting business. It is also the driving force, which has made them a leader in this industry. Innovation is the ultimate driver for long-term profitability and growth.

Our Latest innovations NOVACEL, a granulate from modified cellulose fibres; to the asphalt mix stabilizes it. These road surfaces demonstrate an exceptional high resistance to deformation – even in the heaviest traffic – and have an extremely long product life.

The main field of application is the stone mastic construction method (SMA). This is a road bitumen pavement having a special formulation. Based on its qualitative superiority when compared with conventional pavements, fibre reinforced SMA has, in the last 25 years, become the pavement choice No. 1 on European roads. Overseas, SMA is increasingly becoming the standard road pavement.

With other types of asphalt construction methods such as noise-reducing asphalt, thin layer asphalt or asphalt binder courses, our fibres also help to substantially improve the quality and, in doing so, the economy.


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