Message from MD

“ Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you will find the information it contains useful, and that you will revisit the site regularly.

Our customers face challenging times, particularly as the global economy slows its growth. Every day the competitive landscape is more pressured, and expectations in terms of customer service, cost efficiency and innovation are raised yet further. For us massive support from Government and it agencies put our business expansion effort under the spotlight. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs, and to ensure that our services are relevant and effective in meeting them.

By listening to our customers, we continuously refine and extend the products we offer. Our core service offerings, advance paving materials and engineering consulting are augmented by value-added components. Leading the market in this way requires flair, insight and significant investment. We have an ongoing investment programme in our services, processes, technology and – most importantly – in our staff. Our team brings a wealth of hands on experience combined with real understanding of today’s business issues and technologies, so that your organisation can focus on what it does best.

I look forward for an open dialogue with customers and other visitors to this site, so please do use the feedback facilities in this site, or simply call us if you want to ask a question or express a view.”

Fareez Fahmi
Managing Director

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