About Us

Background of Company

We are positioning to be the preferred supplier and partner in pavement technologies. We aim to be a global organization with worldwide reach by offering a wide range of products and services. We specialise in the field of civil engineering and we have satisfied customers in commercial sectors, research laboratories, universities and government agencies. We put in extra efforts to link up experts, well-versed in current technology and development to establish ourselves to provide the One-Stop Service and Solution in the fields of pavement, structural, bridges, tunnelling, geo-technical, foundation, transportation, petrochemical, environmental and chemical engineering.

As part of our after-sales services, we also offer assistance in specialized services cater to the specific and demanding needs of customers by drawing upon our pool of specialists across the globe. We have the capability to develop programmes covering the most updated technologies, achieving customer’s satisfaction through a tailored system that can handle customer’s present and future needs.
We intend to maintain the high quality, reliability and excellent service that have always been our hallmark to our customers. For your product solution needs, all you need to do is contact us.

To give our clients the assurance, we work with the best in the international market. All products produced are internationally proven technology and carefully developed for the high standard of quality. All our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standard in compliance with relevant European standards. We strive to ensure that they meet or exceed all applicable standards.

Nature of Business

Manufacturing, Engineering Services


Advance Road Materials, Certification & Training, Engineering Consulting & Laboratory Services

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